TDKR Generating So much fan hype DUH!


People wonder why The Dark Knight Rises is tracking so well….DUH! Come on people it’s Christopher Nolan’s last movie in a trilogy of EPICNESS!!!! People still have no idea (unless you have read the spoilers or went to an early screening…aka me) what the movie is about. Why wouldn’t this movie be tracking well? We are still projected to smash the Avengers box office record even without 3D. The amount of fan hype that has been built up for this movie is through the roof! The Los Angeles Times said this in regards to the hype:

Pre-release research shows director Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie is exceeding mega-hits “The Avengers,” “The Hunger Games” and the final “Harry Potter” film in the critical “first choice” category that studios use to gauge moviegoers’ interest in their upcoming releases.

As a result, “The Dark Knight Rises” is expected to generate more than $180 million in ticket sales this weekend, according to people who have seen the data but are not authorized to speak publicly. It even has a chance, these people said, of beating the $207-million opening weekend record set by “The Avengers” in May.

The percentage of potential moviegoers who list the picture as their first choice among upcoming releases is six points higher than that of “The Avengers” on the Monday before it opened, and seven points higher than “Hunger Games.”

We can’t say for sure, all we know is that this movie will be epic, we will RISE to the top of the box office! With only 3 days until it’s released you can expect nothing more than fans doing some of the following, blaring the soundtrack, chanting Deshay Deshay Bassara, drawing chalk Batman symbols everywhere, and wearing their cowls to the premier. How are you going to represent Batman this week? Comment below and let us know!


Source:  Los Angeles Times