Throw Some D’s On That Screen: Nolan Talks More IMAX

Allow me to first explain the lingo in the title of this post.  The term “throw some d’s” is to make something better by means of spending more money.  In this case IMAX.  Nolan is to IMAX as James Cameron is to 3D films.  Before The Dark Knight no major feature release had even been shot partially with the heavy duty cameras.  Ever since the format is slowly becoming more popular with directors using it to add to a films scale, does anyone remember that awesome forest fight in Revenge of the Fallen?

The sharpness and the depth of the image, projected onto those enormous screens, is simply the best quality image that has ever been invented,” Nolan recently stated when talking to LA Times.  This time around, Batman will have approximately 72 minutes out of the 164 minute running time, that means you’ll be experiencing half of Rises in beautiful IMAX awesomeness, the most any film has to date.  He shot on the fly too saying, “We always carried at least one Imax camera through the run of the show, so then wherever we felt a scene would lend itself to Imax, we could decide on the day to go and put that camera in. And we wound up using it more and more.”  No wonder they ended up using so much.

The film strips are 10 times more sharper when compared to the standard 35mm as well as 10 times as big.  To give you an idea, heres what each film strip looks like, it’s also a new picture from the film.









When you’re talking about this large-scale studio filmmaking, the size of the camera is pretty irrelevant compared to the massive difficulties and the massive resources you’re wrangling on a daily basis, and so having this extra image quality, giving the audience the best possible technical look at what you’ve shot, is the obvious thing to do.”  All Nolan cares about is delivering the best experience for us as possible, and he looks to do that in any and every form possible.  For me personally this will be the first movie I will see filmed in IMAX.  I was lucky enough to see the prologue and it gave me chills.  Next week cannot come any quicker.

Source: NY Times