Victory Drink: Iced Caramel Latte

I can honestly say that Damian is just all around ruthless and a funny character. He comes off so arrogant that you really don’t want to believe that he’s that arrogant. The stunts he pulls are deliberate, but he makes it seem so effortless and he comes off so cool about it too. For instance in Issue #11, Damian does a sneak attack against Red Hood to prove that he is the best Robin. He proves this by taking Red Hood’s helmet as a trophy as he effortlessly rides on his motorcycle home whistling. I found that hilarious as hell like he went to Starbucks got an iced caramel latte and just skipped home. I mean he is so calm about beating the crap out of Red Hood. Whom I thought would put up a better fight than Red Robin, I guess Damian got the better of him. Two down, one more to go.

Batman keeping Robin in line “Remember, your failure on the boat.”

Anyway, the real story plot of issue has everything to do with Terminus who has a grudge against Batman and brings along a few other characters whom Batman has caused pain. These are not your average A class villains, so don’t expect The Penguin to come waltzing around with “Batman hurt me and I wanna hurt him back” story. Nope, these are B or C class villains. I can’t even remember their names let alone recognize them on the page as I read through this issue. All I know is that they’re bringing the pain and marking every person in Gotham City with a particular symbol. I love how when it comes to close up or distant shots of Terminus, Batman, and Robin that the artwork is decent. Overall, the artwork was blah just scan the art and get to the dialogue for story plot. In some of the panels, there was a recognizable inspiration of The Dark Knight (2008) with Batman’s symbol burning on the buildings.   This could be either a dead rip off or just pure inspiration, I say inspiration and to remind us readers of The Dark Knight Rises coming out next week. I will say that Damian is my second favorite Robin with his ready to kill attitude and coolness when he remembers that he can’t kill. That’s right, Batman! You keep that little tart in line. Yup, yups.

What did you think of this week’s issue? Who’s your favorite Robin? To see the fight between Damian and Jason Todd (Red Hood) check out the preview link below and see some of the panels I thought were decent below. Also, check out other reviews for this week’s comic books below.


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