The Dark Knight Rises Soundrack 14 Min Released

MTV: Splashpage had posted a 14 minute video with 60 second samples of each track from The Dark Knight Rises . The Soundrack is composed by Hans Zimmer . MTV talked about the new score as well as to what Hanz Zimmer said back in December .

If you loved the fact that Warner Bros. released 30-second snippets of each track from Hans Zimmer‘s upcoming score for “The Dark Knight Rises,” then you’re going to love this news. A full 14-minutes of the soundtrack has made its way online in one video, and it sounds freaking awesome.


Considering the trend superhero movies have had recently of dumping loads of clips and featurettes on us prior to a movie’s release, we’re glad that WB has opted to dump loads of audio clips on us instead. Will we ever get sick of listening to “Mind If I Cut In?” (track four) or “The Fire Rises” (track seven)? Maybe, but not any time soon. And we love that we finally get a good sense of “Fear Will Find You” (track 10), which we hear most in the trailers for “The Dark Knight Rises.”


“The Dark Knight Rises” score is arguably one of Zimmer’s most hotly anticipated works yet, and he knows the pressure is on. When MTV News caught up with him back in December, Zimmer said he’s aware that he needs to tie up the movie’s soundtrack in the same way that director Christopher Nolan is concluding his film series.

“This is the end of our journey on this one,” Zimmer teased. “There has to be a way of doing justice to the first two and at the same time truly doing some extraordinary that goes way beyond what the first two did. We do want to go and figure out how to end this in an extraordinary way.”

“The Dark Knight Rises” is due out on July 20.

Source – MTV

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