Issue #7 left us with Bruce underestimating the Court of Owls and he is beaten and left psychologically scarred. In Issue #8, he is about to witness the Court’s’ hunt for the heart and soul of Gotham City. The sentence is death and Batman has to fight a number of Talons to save a killing list Gotham’s public figures and leaders. There maybe no end to the trail of bloodshed at the heart of Gotham. Issue #8 does not only bring a blood trail, but also the Court’s history trail of influence and presence in Gotham. It is an issue that preludes to the Night of the Owls event as well as learn about how the Court has had a hand in the Wayne family and on Gotham City. Be ready for the execution, it is going to be brutal and above all amazingly twisted!

Oh yea…Batman gets to run over Talons. The Talons totally deserved that! BOOM! That is a sick Batmobile!

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Source- USA Today