Anne Hathway’s Catwoman is pretty much well accepted now, some still have reservations on her look. However, over all this version of Catwoman is starting to really look better and quite appealing. This picture of Catwoman is not in hi-res, but it shows more of her costume. She is holding a gun, she looks touch as nails, and she looks HOT! I am probably like most, my eyes travel to her silver heels and I am  pretty much saying “Those are going to be used for something.” I feel this way because well those are the only accessory that is actually highlighted. Of all the accessories those heels are popping out. They are silver, they look like they can go through skull or something. I am just theorizing here.

I love her low rider utility belt it really brings her behind more. I preferably do not like how her boots are thigh high, but I am sure they will grow on me over time. YEA! SHE LOOKS GREAT! I feel a new fetish of Catwoman is coming on. Prepare for Halloween guys, it going to be HOT!

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Source- Comic Book Movie