THE DARK KNIGHT RISES SHOULD TAKE CUES FROM THE HUNGER GAMES? came out with this article yesterday that The Dark Knight Rises should take marketing cues from The Hunger Games. Basically, the article states that The Dark Knight Rises does not have a hook to bring people to watch the movie such as the death of a known actor, Heath Ledger. The article is questioning how the movie is going to attract audiences if there is not much campaigning for the movie right now. Unlike other movies such as The Avengers and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, these movies are coming out with tons of trailers right now and these movies are coming out in early May and June.

The article’s argument is that The Hunger Games attracted a larger audience even ones who did not read the three books were enticed to see the movie. The Hunger Games had more campaigning and it depended upon the fans to campaign the movie as well. Oh, oh, oh! It also says that the actress was not even famous and yet audiences still wanted to go see the movie. The article takes a nicer stab at, The Dark Knight Rises stating this:

“When the returns from “The Hunger Games” rose and rose and crept ever closer to the record previously held by “The Dark Knight,” there may have been a slight panic from Batman fans. What if 2012 has already seen its biggest weekend at the box office and Katniss Everdeen has already been crowned the champion?

It would be ignorant to suggest that “The Dark Knight Rises” can’t succeed without an all-encompassing viral marketing campaign and commercials airing every other minute, but what “The Hunger Games” may have proven is that without those elements, Batman might have to settle for second place.”

Stabbed! I see whole lot of things I can say, but I am interested what you all have to say. Leave your comments below or on Facebook, and tell us what  you think about’s campaign suggestion for The Dark Knight Rises?



  • Realistically I am assuming there may be one more trailer on the way (and there seems to be some rumours supporting that). We are only in March for a movie that has a late July release date, is there really any point to be getting mixed up in the intense Avenger and Prometheus campaigns? I still think that TDKR will be the defining movie of the year and that starting any viral campaign in late May or early June makes more sense. We had barely a few days of marketing and look how the internet went crazy over the 6 min prologue. I do not think we have seen anything yet marketing wise and I would rather them wait. I am personally very excited for the Prometheus movie, but hunger games and avengers I can wait until the dvd releases.

    • Kristina

      I too am excited for Prometheus I don’t mind the campaigning right now. Pretty much I do agree with those points. These are early movie releases before the summer actually begins. Besides, Hunger Games is a March film any movie in March is considered a cult movie/ a B-movie. I’m not jumping out my skin for many March movies it’s just passing time in a theater and wasting money.

  • Tanknaces87

    I Don’t Believe a thing MTV does or says any more. They are rigged and run by a bunch of marvel loving Twilight hugging fans

    • Kristina

      OHHHHH! K.O! Came with a left hook and ended w/ a drop kick!

  • h4v0k_528491

    I loved the hunger games; it is now one of my favorite movies and you won’t be wasting your money at all. Marvel films are decent enough surprisingly bc they make those movies fast. But i think TDKR will pull in good movie regardless of marketing; i am pretty sure the dark knight rises will do something soon and most likely showing more catwoman, and also a little bit about bane and a trailer about 1-2 months from when it comes out

    • Kristina

      What’s up Hunger Games? is the movie that good right now?

      • h4v0k_528491

        yup. worth every penny.

        • Kristina

          alright I’ll eat my own words I’ll check it out then.

      • EBostock

        I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan , loved the books , as for the film , it kind of felt like The Hunger Games paint by numbers to me , i felt it didnt do justice to the characters of the book , but still good just not classic like the books !

        • Kristina

          That will always be the problem w/ movies adapting books. Sometimes, the movie does not do the books justice or they take too many liberties and destroy the integrity of the book. I’m going out to see Hunger Games tomorrow. Eating my own words on March movies, let’s see the movie prove me wrong.