Actor Eric Roberts thoughts on The Dark Knight


In a recent interview, ‘The Dark Knight’ Star Eric Roberts (Sal Maroni) voiced his opinion on ‘The Dark Knight’ and Director Christopher Nolan. Here is what he said:


“The Dark Knight” (2008): As a gangster named Maroni, Roberts had a minor but important role in “The Dark Knight.” Of director Christopher Nolan, he says, “He’s a real winner and he knows what he wants every second of every day.” But he’s not as admiring of the big budgets required of such blockbusters.

“What do you get out of a Batman movie? You get entertainment, that’s true. But what do you get to take home with you in your heart or your mind? It’s questionable for me. When a movie costs that much, so many movies don’t get made that can educate, enlighten, move, comfort. Batman didn’t do any of those things that I named, for me, anyway, even though I enjoyed watching it.”


Do you agree or disagree with Eric Roberts thoughts on ‘The Dark Knight’? Please leave your comments below.




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  • Jaken45

    Unfortunately, I think he underestimated what actually happened in The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan is no Michael Bay and doesn’t make “entertainment action” movies. Every movie Christopher Nolan makes has a point. It has a story to tell and lessons to learn from it. I think Eric needs to rewatch it. Granted any other “batman” movie before this was probably that way but not so with this series.

    • Kristina

      Here! Here! Action pack movies I won’t really watch twice with some exceptions to a few movies that I like. Nolan takes you on a ride, he makes you question throughout the movie and helps you learn new things. I guess there are some people who just want entertainment and that’s all. Learning something new is entertaining enough for me.

  • h4v0k_528491

    i believe there is some messages in his movies. Fore example “Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves up” just to name one. But i am pretty sure all of his movies contain some sort of message

    • Kristina

      I agree. The Dark Knight was so enlightening to me it reaffirmed by belief in Batman. Nowadays, I don’t just want to see an entertaining movie I want a reason behind it with some sort of thinking involved. Basically, I want to reflect on what I saw. The messages were just fantastic and the quotes were epic! I love the madness quote. “You know madness is alot like gravity, all you need a little push.” EPIC!