Robert Pattinson Surprises Fan With Gift Basket

by Chris Foti
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Article by Chris Foti

Robert Pattinson might be the next Caped Crusader, but the actor is proving that not all heroes wear capes. 

James Campbell, a 10-year-old boy with autism and a huge DC fan, would go to Liverpool with his parents every day to visit the production of The Batman. James was hoping to meet the new Dark Knight himself, Robert Pattinson, but never had any luck.

After many failed attempts, James’ mother, Nicola Corkill, reached out to Radio City News on Twitter to try and get some help.

Internet magic did its work and Pattinson and his team got the message of the young Batman fan in Liverpool. They sent Campbell a Batman-themed gift basket, including a handwritten note from Pattinson that read:

Sorry I missed you. Your drawing was great! I’ll see you next time I’m in Liverpool.

James’ father said:

To see him react and be so happy just melted our hearts. His mum was in tears, it was just so amazing the fact that he’d actually got something that he really wanted.

Listen, say what you want about Pattinson and his previous roles (*cough* Twilight) but this is just an awesome move. It shows he really cares about the character and the fans, and knows how important it is to people. 

Robert Pattinson makes debut when The Batman hits theaters in 2022.

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