Curran Walters Teases his Return as Jason Todd on ‘Titans’ on Instagram

As of last week, it was reported that Titans Season 2’s production has been delayed for a couple of weeks in order to cast new characters. However, it also seems we’ll be seeing others make their return.

Curran Walters was introduced as our first live-action Jason Todd on episode 6 of Titans. While he didn’t quite set the world on fire, I felt he did a serviceable job, enough to plant the seed for the events of Under the Red Hood. Overall, I think my largest gripe with him is just how young the actor looks and sounds. While Walters himself is pretty close to the age of the character, I imagined Todd to be slightly larger and more intimidating for the role. However, I’m just nitpicking at this point. Gal Gadot clearly impressed despite her slender stature, so I’m hoping that Walters can do the same given more to do.

Hitting the gym

Walters recently posted an Instagram story of a gym with the caption saying “Getting ready for Season 2.” The caption is then followed by a Bat Emoji. While he doesn’t explicitly say that the Season 2 to which he’s referring is Titans, a quick bit of research shows that the other series’ on which he’s featured have not yet been picked up for a sophomore season. Plus the Bat Emoji makes it a pretty safe bet that it’s Titans. What a world we live in where Emojis are basically a new language.

Being very Instagram illiterate, I couldn’t find the story myself. Luckily, a journalist managed to take a screencap and posted it to Twitter.

It seems like he’s not the only one gearing up for Season 2, however. Conor Leslie, who plays Donna Troy, revealed that she’s also preparing for her return in season 2 based on a short video posted to Twitter of herself working.

Thankfully, she explicitly tagged Titans in her tweet, so no need for any detective work here. I personally am excited for her return as I felt like she was one of the few competent parts of the season 1, despite her small role. I’m hoping that it will be expanded beyond a support system for Dick.

Season 2 of Titans is reported to begin filming next month. No premiere date has been revealed. Season 1 is currently available to stream on DC Universe.

Did you enjoy Curran Walters’ take on the would-be Red Hood? Are you excited to see Conor Leslie return as Wonder Girl? Let me know.

Stay tuned to DKN for further developments.

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