DC All Access: Tom King on Joker & Riddler, Tom Ellis On ‘Lucifer,’ Nightwing V Red Hood

This week, DC All Access might be giving us a bigger bite than we can chew. In this week’s installment of DC All Access, the legendary Tom King speaks on the Joker and Riddler, Tom Ellis, the star of Lucifer gives us an insight into what to expect in Season 3, and finally, they’re pitting our beloved Bat-boys together, Nightwing vs Red Hood!

Batman: Tom King prepares us for the upcoming story arc “The War of Jokes & Riddles.” This sounds. BIG. Batman has been hiding something, something he’s never shared with anyone. King mentions that there is a part of Batman: Year One that Bruce has kept hidden. Along with Bruce fighting his inner demons, he’ll be fighter outer demons as well; there will be a war on fascism vs anarchy. Riddler vs. Joker.  Tom King presents the torturous storyline in the interview below:

Next up, Tom Ellis gives DC All Access an insight into season 3 of Lucifer. Season 2 of the series left its audiences with a nail biter. A new person will be joining the cast next year, maybe God Johnson? A character who believes is actually god. Ellis goes on to tease about possible character returns. He also discusses their set-move to LA, and how it feels. The city is its own living, breathing organism, giving it a character of its own. He seems positive about it, and when the devil smiles, it usually means something exciting is coming our way!

And finally, our dear Bat-boys! Who would win, Nightwing or Red Hood? DC All Access lays out their strengths and have the fans decide who would win. Tactics vs Firearms, Grayson is an epitome of human physical fitness, but Todd has a taste of showmanships and guns. Does the first Robin reign supreme or does Jaybird have a chance? Watch the video and decide!


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