Review: Red Hood And The Outlaws #11

“Who Is Artemis? Finale: Outlaws At War”



Writer: Scott Lobdell 

Artist: Dexter Soy 

Colors: Veronica Gandini

And we come to the finale of “Who Is Artemis?” If you were looking for action, this issue is pure fighting. The art is incredible, the writing is…low-key. I found the best part of the writing in this issue is Artemis connecting with her weapon. In the New 52 arcs of this series, Jason Todd is close to both Roy and Starfire, he once expressed that he didn’t think there was a difference between romantic love and friendship love. Right now, it’s still hard for me to imagine the situation to be applied to Artemis and Bizzaro. I want to see them grow further. The connections were lacking, but the art and the friendship, in the end, made up for it.

If you’re looking for some eye-catching battles, this is a strong issue. The fighting stances are amazing. The way Artemis uses the bow, how she pulled out the jackhammer, and Jason’s use of the blades is beautiful. Bizzaro throws in a few hits and receives a few hits as well. I generally love Soy’s form of body stances, even in silly moments:

The art is exceptional, 10/10 on that. The colors as well shape this broken, sandy village they’re in. Veronica Gandini’s colors guide where to place focus. As soon as the dust settles, Gandini uses bright colors to express the joy and peace of the villagers, and hopefully Artemis. I love the artistic team on this story arc!

Jason tells Artemis that when people come back from the dead, they change. Akila is not the same woman that Artemis knew and loved. Once Artemis finally achieves her bow, Akila disappears. I enjoy soft and tender moments in writing. However, I feel a bit lost on how the bond between Artemis and Jason became so tight at the end. I suppose she’s thankful, but from her going from this tough hero and telling Jason to bugger off, and then to say “I have you…and Bizzaro,” felt off. The connection feels slightly forced, but I can’t blame that. Their universe had a reboot. So, I’ll keep up the hope and enjoy these characters for who they are.


All their faces, bodies, fighting scenes are spot on and aesthetic. If you don’t enjoy the resolution, get this for the art! The conclusion in writing is anti-climactic, especially after having 3 months of an enticing build-up, but Soy and Gandini definitely make up for what’s lacking. Lobdell is talented, and the writing has been stand-up for this series. I suppose the ending felt forced and rushed. Maybe Artemis needed more time? But that’s alright, we have more than enough time to learn and love this team.

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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