DC All Access: Top 10 ‘Detective Comics’ Issues of All Time, ‘Batman: Arkham VR,’ ‘Injustice 2’ & More

by Eric Joseph
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You don’t have to be a detective yourself to realize that some of the best Batman stories in history have been told in the pages of DC’s second longest running series of all time (at issue #934 and counting!). In this DC All Access comics clip, we list off the top ten issues of Detective Comics. Which will be #1? All you need to do to solve that mystery is watch the clip!

All of us have wondered what it’s like to be Batman. Well, this October you’ll finally be able to stop wondering as Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham VR is released into the world. Set within the universe of the bestselling games, it’s an experience utterly unlike any other, and in today’s DC All Access, we get a hands on demo. Plus, we look at this week’s exciting new comics, recap last week’s Superman casting news and give you a chance to win the highly sought after DC Super Hero Girls Katana SDCC Exclusive action doll.

Next year, heroes and villains from all throughout the DC Universe will square off once again in the blockbuster sequel to DC’s acclaimed fighting game. As Batman will tell you, the key to winning any fight is knowledge, which is why we’re here to unpack the latest trailer and reveal whatever secrets may be hidden within. Warning: This information packs a punch!

We may not be angels, but we’ve certainly fallen for Lucifer, Fox’s hit adaptation of the classic Vertigo comic series. So what can we expect when the series returns next fall? In this DCTV clip, we talk to the cast of Lucifer about what the end-of-season revelation about Lucifer’s mother means for them in Season 2.

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