Review: Batman & Robin Eternal # 11

by Eric Joseph
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batman and robin eternal 11

Writers: James Tynion IV & Scott Snyder (story), Ed Brisson (script)

Artists: Fernando Blanco & Christian Duce

We at DKN have often touted the artwork found in the pages of Batman & Robin Eternal, week in and week out. This issue especially deserves high praise in that regard. Guillem March’s psychedelic cover sets the tone for some eye-popping interior art provided by Fernando Blanc and Christian Duce. Their layouts and presentation almost make this look like an indie book, but the real unsung hero is colorist Jason Rauch, whose contribution really makes those panels pop.

Another thing that sets this issue apart from others is that we really only follow one thread this week. Do you remember how we left off with Dick Grayson and Harper Row meeting Sculptor last week? Well, be prepared to spend an entire issue with them (I’m aware that sounded like a negative comment, which was not my intention).

It turns out Sculptor is a telepath who works for Mother and wants to put a stop to her ways. She and Harper link minds for much of this issue, which allows for the presentation of Cassandra Cain’s New 52 origin.

That’s right. You can’t miss this one.

We’re given much insight into the background of Cass and Orphan, as well as a little about Sculptor herself. There aren’t any flashbacks in the way that we’ve gotten them lately, but the mind link pretty much serves that purpose this time around.

While this issue is highly informative and not to be missed, I just didn’t find it entirely enthralling. Another crazy cliffhanger is to be had, strongly hinting that next week’s issue will be a must read.


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