Fox Releases Promos for Episode 9 of ‘Gotham,’ Entitled ‘Harvey Dent’

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Gotham really is getting better and better with each episode. As far as I knew, the ratings are great, but I guess Fox doesn’t want to let up on the marketing because they’ve just released a ton of promos from the newest episode premiering tomorrow, entitled “Harvey Dent.” And if the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, this means Harvey Dent, the man who will become Two-Face, is making his debut. The unfortunate part is that he’s much older than Bruce.

Take a look at these clips from the episode:

This clip presumably gives us our first look at Harvey and his game. The sly guy has a penchant for doling out justice with a two-headed coin.


This clip gives you a better idea of just how Dent works.


This clip demonstrates just how far the mayor and Gordon’s relationship has come along.


This clip illustrates that Bruce wants a girl in his life.


This clip features Bruce pummeling Alfred for talking smack about his woman.


This spine-tingling clip features the Penguin slithering his way into Fish Mooney’s plans.


The following promos feature behind-the-scenes commentary.

The clip features a pre-teen brawl while the responsible adult stands by and condones it. Also, Sean Pertwee discusses Alfred’s relationship with Bruce.


This clip features the beginnings of what could be a tumultuous work relationship between Harvey Dent and James Gordon, with commentary by Ben McKenzie.

I feel like I’ve seen the whole episode, but just to be sure, make sure you tune in tomorrow and every Monday at 8/7c.

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