Peter Tomasi Teases Batman 75th Anniversary Event For This Summer

Batman and Aquaman #29

Peter Tomasi, writer of the book I refer to as “The Title Formerly Known As Batman and Robin,” recently spoke with Newsarama about his recent work on the title and dropped hints pertaining to what’s yet to come. The juiciest tidbit no doubt had to be his tease for a big comic book event this summer to commemorate Batman’s 75th Anniversary. In Tomasi’s own words:

First of all, #29 is the opening chapter in the “Hunt for Robin” arc, so be warned that issues #29 thru #32 are the prologue for one of Batman’s BIG 75th Anniversary stories this year within the family of Batbooks. And it leads to our humongous and major story that starts in July, which I’m sure DC will be announcing in a month or so.

This issue’s an action-packed story about Batman and Aquaman joining forces against Ra’s as Ghul on the island where Talia gave birth to Damian — and all the insane experiments she was working on to take over the world —and how Ra’s is taking up the reins again.

As Batman looks to put to rest the bodies of Damian and Talia that Ra’s dug up and stole, he begins to uncover something that will eventually put him on a path he never expected and will lead to a life-altering event!

Batman and Wonder Woman #30
Batman and Wonder Woman #30

When asked about the upcoming issues that feature Wonder Woman and Frankenstein, he said:

Don’t want to give away too much, but the Wonder Woman issue finds Batman and Diana going to Paradise Island to search for Damian’s body, with some surprises, and the Frankenstein issue has Batman and Titus teaming up with our lovable Frankie as the hunt continues.

It is possible this big event will be a massive crossover between the Batbooks that will have a sense of cohesion, or each book will tell definitive tales contained to their respective title. Given that Tomasi stated his prologue story ends with issue #32, it stands to reason that the event will kick off in #33, which would ship this July. Considering that July solicits will be online next month, his assumption of the announcement’s timing sounds about right.

A big question on my mind is if it’s too soon to resurrect Damian Wayne. He’s been dead for only a year and Grant Morrison, the writer both responsible for his creation and demise, said he didn’t mind if the character is one day resurrected. I’ve heard rumors that Damian will return to the living this summer and now the stars seem to be aligning, so to speak. Perhaps Harper Row is being called Bluebird instead of Robin because Damian’s return is actually happening. Like I said, I just feel it’s too soon. Someone else should take up the Robin mantle.

Batman and Aquaman #29, the first chapter of “Hunt for Robin,”  will be available next week on Wednesday, March 19.

Source: Newsarama

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