Batman Arkham Teases New DLC

After posting a teaser image on Christmas RSVP-ing for a New Year’s Eve event. Earlier this after noon on both Batman Arkham Origins’ twitter and Facebook they posted the following invitation:

While it has not fully answered the content of the DLC or if the release date is in fact today or tomorrow (1/01/2014), the image has been speculated to hint at the origin/first appearance of Mr. Freeze. Victor Fries, in both the Animated Series and the Arkham-verse, owes his condition to Gothcorp CEO Ferris Boyle. Boyle is awarded the Gotham Humanitarian Award at a gala event. This is the event Mr. Freeze crashes, looking for revenge. Could this be that black tie event?
While this could be a correct assumption, I have long speculated that the DLC would focus on Kirk Langstrom (aka Manbat). Throughout the story mode, Alfred mentions a rather “larger than normal bat” that has a taste for roasted chicken. It seemed too coincidental to mention this more than just once.
What we do know is the even takes place at Wayne Manor and on New Year’s Day. Hopefully we’ll find out all the details before the day (and 2013) is over.
Stay tuned to DKN for any further information.
Source: Twitter

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