Harry Shum Jr. Wants To Play Nightwing

by Andrew Lococo
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Grow his hair out a little, put on a little domino mask and I can really see it.

Grow his hair out a little, put on a little domino mask and I can really see it.

A lot of people want to see the Man Wonder done for the big screen, myself included, but who could play him? Who wants to play to him? The closest we got to Dick Grayson in the Dark Knight Trilogy was John Blake in the The Dark Knight Rises as portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. While I feel he was cast well, I never really considered him really “Nightwing” material. Rather, he could play the role, but I think that I’d rather see him as someone like Jason Todd. So who else will throw their mask into the ring for the Batman’s protege? Well, oddly enough, Harry Shum Jr. from Glee, wants to take a crack at playing Dick Grayson. He name dropped Nightwing for an interview he had with MTV Geek as a character he would love to portray.

I love it…I mean, I grew up on comic books and superheroes, so right now it’s the rage. But I’ve been wanting to play him since I was a kid, so it’d be a dream come true… I’m game, man! Put me in a super hero movie, put me in a Star Wars movie, and I can die happy…I think I would be able to ease right into those shoes

I mean it’s not out of the question. He’ll be playing the second man with the code name Sub-Zero, Kuai Liang, in Mortal Kombat Legacy. Could he rock the domino mask and take to the skies as Nightwing? He might have the chops to pull it off. What do you think? I can really begin to see him as Dick Grayson now that I think about it.

Source: MTV News

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