So You Wanna Be Batman…

I remember when I was a wee one, I thought I could be a superhero. I mean, didn’t we all? Running around with our capes, play-fighting with friends, arguing over who was going to be who each day of the week. I still feel this way whenever I see a new superhero movie come out. That adrenaline gets pumping, the urge to run right out and fight crime for the betterment of the world takes over. Maybe that’s just me.

Well, I happened across an article that laid those dreams to rest for me.

An infographic was released by detailing the approximate cost of Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting lifestyle. Any guesses on the number? Alright, I’ll tell you. All of those high-tech cars, fancy gadgets, and bone-grinding training comes as a heavy hit to the wallet.

It would cost $682 million for a real-life Batman to fund his world-saving lifestyle…

I can’t even count that high. But that’s only half of it. Check out the infographic below:

That’s right. Not only is the caped crusader a heavy-hitting, night stalking crime fighter, but he also packs a few punches with his bank account. Let us know what you think! And don’t forget to stop by our Facebook and Twitter and say hi!



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