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This summer Batman Annual #2 by Scott Snyder will be released and he brings along his protege, Marguerite Bennett to make Batman history. Click the jump to see more.


Marguerite Bennett

This summer will make Batman history forever, last summer we got the newest female artist on Batman #12, Becky Cloonan. Now, this summer we’re getting Marguerite Bennett who is like James Tynion IV, a protege of Scott Snyder’s, she will become the first female writer to do a Batman book. She has co-wrote the annual with Scott Snyder and it will be released this summer on July 31st. DC Women Kicking Ass interviewed her about how Bennett was approached to do Batman Annual #2:


Batman Annual #2

I’m currently in graduate school at Sarah Lawrence College (and graduate in two weeks—whoo-hoo!) for Creative Writing, where I was delighted to learn that Scott Snyder was a professor. I threw myself into his Graphic Novel class (which I highly recommend), and about half a year later, when he returned to teach the class, he asked me if I would be interested in assisting him on the Batman Annual (to which there is ever and only one answer, and an impossibly enthusiastic one at that).

My first memory of Batman is probably a little depressing—I was in an after-hours daycare in elementary school, and I was excruciatingly shy. All the other kids had knotted up in groups—puzzles, action figures, My Little Ponies, tag—but I was terrified to talk to anyone, so I hid by the television. It was playing this cartoon that looked like it was set in the 1930s (and my mother and father had both been history teachers when they were younger—I knew what the ‘30s looked like). This man who looked like a villain (all in black, glowing white eyes) was running around in a cape and catching men even worse than (I assumed) he was, so I intuited that he had been a bad guy and so was now catching other bad guys in order to be a good guy again. I curled up in a cafeteria chair, knees under chin, and fell in love.

Kevin Conroy will always be my Batman.

Scott Snyder (writer of Batman) has also released the news on his Twitter as well that Marguerite Bennett co-wrote the annual with him. Snyder seems super proud of the new writer.

For this summer again, there will be history made. Batman Annual #2 will be coming out July 31st along with Detective Comics Annual #2. If you want to see more of the interview go the source link below.

Source- DC Women Kicking Ass 

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