UD Replicas The Dark Knight Rises: Batman Back Pack

602830_10152619903485076_845504063_nHey guys Adam here with more costume news . Last week I told you about UD Replicas putting out the Bane Leather Vest/Jacket . Now their The Dark Knight Rises: Batman Back Pack for sale .


First used by BATMAN™ on the rooftop of the Hong Kong skyscraper in The Dark Knight™ (2008), and most recently featured in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ (2012) this gorgeous BATMAN™ accessory – universally referred to as ‘Batman’s Backpack’ – has now been brought to life as a fully functional, everyday usable Leather Backpack.

Exquisitely rendered in leather by the UD Replicas’ team, this Officially Licensed Movie Replica Accessory features Form Molded Leather over motorcycle grade body armor.

With its fully adjustable harness sections, this one size fits all design allows for a custom fit to all body sizes.  Buckles and strap accessories feature the same gold-ish/bronze finish as THE DARK KNIGHT™ –  BATMAN™ : Utility Pouch.

With its elegant yet subtle bat themed design, this functional Backpack can hold up to 4 individual 50mL water bottles, small articles of clothing or even electronic gadgets such as your smart phones or tablets.  Access to the functional pouch is through a 13 inch heavy duty zipper located on the back of the pack.

UD Replicas’ designers have raised the bar on what can be accomplished working with form-molded leather and functional armor details. Each chiseled and beveled edge perfectly replicates the look of the on-screen ‘BATMAN™ Backpack’….while being fully functional and everyday wearable riding gear.

Although the backpack does look a little small , I think it would hold my cape and maybe my mask while I drive down the road . If you’re into collecting all of the UD Replica gear would you buy this ? I would really like to know your thoughts . To see more of UD Replicas work head over to their Facebook . The Dark Knight Rises: Batman Backpack is now for sale for $298.00 .

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Source – UD Replicas




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