The Dark Knight Rises Director’s Cut in the works!

by Benjamin
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(BTW This is not the official Bluray cover..)


I really hope this isn’t just a rumor, but according to sources have told them that not only are they (Warner Bros) working on a director’s cut, but that it will include the origins of Bane like I talked about in the article I wrote a while back. Also it is rumored that we will see more screen time for Ra’s Al Ghul. I really want to jump for joy right now because I know that IMAX projectors can’t handle anything over about 3 hours, so I really wanted to see more TDKR. Not saying what they had wasn’t enough, I just love seeing more and more! I broke my personal record and saw The Dark Knight Rises 10 times in theaters and IMAX. I saw it 4 times in regular theaters and 6 times in IMAX. I just can’t wait to see if this is true when the Bluray comes out hopefully by this holiday season. We will keep you updated on this as soon as news breaks, until then keep an eye out next week for Team B’s next podcast, but this time it will be LIVE on stickam a week from today!


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