Oh my goodness, this 15 minute gameplay of Injustice: Gods Among Us was just insane. It is like Mortal Kombat to the extreme! You have power characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Solomon Grundy (who is like steroid rage super power character! you should watch what I mean by this from the video below). The other characters who are human or have lesser powers like Flash who is a gadget character because of his armored suit and Batman is a grapple character. What grapple character means is that Batman is a wrestler so you have to get into very close combat situations. Batman’s moves are mostly close range using mixed martial arts. I should not forget that he uses his grappling gun, batrangs, and his loyal bats to help beat his opponents.

What is different about this fighting game compared to other fighting games is that the arena you fight in can help you win a match. You can use anything in the arena (as long as they are available) such as bombs, missiles, picking up cars to smash your opponent, using elevators, throwing your opponents through buildings into another arena. I mean, I saw Batman crash through multiple buildings into the scenery that was the rooftop of a building he crashed through! I mean it was sick! Seriously sick! In one arena, there are multiple arenas. At max, you can have three different arenas in one fighting match! Awesome, right?! Check out the video below to see what I am so excitingly talking about. Comment below or on DKN Facebook about what you think of the game. What are your inputs of the game and how does it compare to other games?

Source- IGN