Artist Marcus To to Join Batwing Series

Batman/Batwing fans are going to be in for a treat with issue #9 of Batwing! Acclaimed artist Marcus To is joining the board of Batwing creators, as well as facing the series’ hero off with a new threat: THE COURT OF OWLS, from the ongoing Batman series. Here’s what Josh Kushins from DC’s The Source writes:

Fan-favorite artist Marcus To will be joining writer Judd Winick on BATWING, beginning with issue #9 in May. To is currently illustrating the six-issue HUNTRESS miniseries, which follows the international adventures of the extended Bat-family through Italy. With BATWING, he’ll be bringing his distinctive style to the heroic exploits of David Zavimbe in Africa’s Democratic Republic of Congo.

But To’s first issue finds Batwing still in Gotham City – unfamiliar ground for the hero of another continent. Having pursued Massacre to the United States, Batwing is faced with an even greater threat: The Court of Owls.  It’s all part of the “Night of the Owls” crossover event coming in May.


SOURCE: DC Comics Blog