Hot Toys Hints At New Bane Figure

Hot Toys makes the most detailed action figures (can you even call them that) on the market. Their Heath Ledger Joker is amazing and Brandon made a whole post about their Joker 89 figure. However today they put up a preview of their New Bane figure! And of course from the preview picture above it looks awesome. Bane will probably retail for around $300 dollars, so start saving. Here’s what they wrote on facebook:

The Legend Ends. The terrorist leader Bane will arrive in Gotham City, pushing it and the police force to their limits, forcing Batman to resurface after taking the fall for The Joker’s crimes. The Dark Knight Rises movie will be coming this Summer and this Bane Collectible Figure will be launched in coming months before movie launches! Batman fans, please stay tuned!

Source: Hot Toys Facebook