Catwoman #5 – The New 52

Catwoman #5 “This Has Got To Be Dirty” – Written by Judd Winick – Art by Guillem March

Catwoman is back this month with a vengeance! After a so-so #4 in December she brushes the dust off her outfit and jumps right back into the action. Actually, there is not much that I can say about this issue without ruining the plot for you, so I’ll be as careful as I can.

What will say is that Catwoman finds the whole Gotham police force on her tail (pun intended), after surviving the meta-human known as Reach. She ends up stealing a motorcycle, and we are treated to some great chase scene shots of her that are not unlike the pictures we have seen of Anne Hathaway on the Batpod in The Dark Knight Rises.

Whether this is Judd Winick’s way of paying homage to Christopher Nolan, or if he is just giving the Catwoman fans an awesome action sequence, I don’t know…and don’t really care. Catwoman lives on the wild side, and usually because of that she finds herself in a deep hole to get out of.

The funny thing about this comic line so far is that we haven’t really been given a main villain for Catwoman to face off, and she doesn’t even really seem to have a primal goal, but yet the Catwoman series has become one of the top-selling New 52 comics for the time being. But perhaps we’ll be seeing a main plot/villain arriving soon, given the predicament that Catwoman finds herself in at the end of this issue. I won’t tell you what that is, because I recommend that you all go out and get yourself a copy. If you haven’t read the previous issues, I’d also suggest that you keep an eye out for them and read them as well.