Jonah Nolan Defend’s Tom Hardy’s Bane Voice

Crave online posted a cool article that has a qoute from Chris Nolan’s Brother and writer of The Dark Knight Rises Jonah Nolan about people complaing about Bane’s hard to understand voice. Here’s the quote:

“I gotta tell you, I think what Tom Hardy’s doing with the role is spectacular. I have the benefit of seeing a little bit more than the audience has seen at this point. It’s pretty spectacular.”

About that IMAX footage, Nolan also had this to say about the genesis of that mid-air action sequence: “It’s an amazing team with my brother, David Goyer and myself. Those are two great guys to work with and brainstorm with. I think Chris had long wanted to do sort of the aerial spectacular. It’s such a good fit for the Imax cameras that he likes to shoot with and so that was a long time in the making.”

Source: craveonline