Hanz Zimmer & James Newton Howard Inspiration for The Dark Knight Score?

Hey Guys Branadon Here I saw this on youtube what do ya’ll think?

“Even the great composers like Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard have to be inspired by something so they could make a memorable piece of music. Well, one fan of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight has noticed something regarding the score for the film. We all know that the score for The Dark Knight is great, especially that one track titled “Why So Serious?” which can be heard throughout the film. In the video below, you will see the comparison between the musical score of the 1983 French film called Édith et Marcel and of course, the score for The Dark Knight. Check it out:


The similarity is definitely there. Still, it’s pretty cool to see what Zimmer and Howard listened to before making the soundtrack. What do you think?”


Source: Article & JeromeVillarin Video