CBR Interviews Artist Chris Burnham On Batman Inc

Comic Book Resources has put up a great interview with artist Chris Burnham about Batman Inc and the upcoming Season 2. Here’s a tibit about how it will connect into the current relaunch:

But the #1 question I’ve seen from people online when the New 52 came out was “What does this do to Grant’s Batman story?” since it is built so much on what’s come before. What can you say about the impact, if any, that the relaunch has had on his plans and your work?

Well, for the second volume of “Incorporated” there are little changes like Catwoman not knowing who Batman is anymore or Batgirl being able to walk or Commissioner Gordon having red hair now. But all that stuff doesn’t really matter in terms of the “Batman Vs. Leviathan” storyline. I’ve read the story notes and the first couple of scripts, and it’s a brand new Batman adventure with new villains and new characters. And the stuff that’s coming back from the first volume is the core Batman members versus the forces of Leviathan. I think it’s hopefully going to dodge the question of the weird continuity problems. Hopefully we’ll be able to dodge that entirely. [Laugher] So when Grant’s full Batman run is completely done, you’ll be able to read it all from start to finish and the “Flashpoint” thing won’t even register. That’s my hope.

Source: CBR