So What Is “Operation Early Bird” Going To Reveal?

As Chris just posted, the Viral for Dark Knight Rises has kicked off with a bang. The biggest reveal so far is a website that features a 20 hour countdown. So what is going to reveal? The obvious guess most people are going with is that it will lead to the reveal of the new trailer that is attached to Sherlock Holmes. This would make sense seeing as the website is called “operation early bird”, so you get to see the trailer early.

However it is rare for WB to release the trailer before it is released attached to it’s big tent-pole film. Many batfanboys saw the new Harry Potter just to see the teaser early which debuted five days later online.  So just for talk let’s say it’s not the reveal of the trailer, what else could it be?

When the Dark Knight announced it was putting it’s prologue in front of I Am Legend, the viral featured a early access invite to the prologue.  People following the viral were invited to select secret Imaxs to watch the prologue early before the people who saw it a couple weeks later with I Am Legend.  So maybe the countdown will allow viral followers to special early screenings of the prologue.

Or it could be were all too excited and it could just reveal new picture (another Catwoman shot or Bane Shot?) Or just another clue hunt to more fake viral websites or clues.  Whatever happens in 20 hours it’s exciting that the viral has started and Dark Knight News will be there to cover it.