Rumor: Barbara Gordon May Be In The Dark Knight Rises!


Our good friends over at Dark Knight Rises Rumors posted a heck of a story, Batgirl may be in The Dark Knight Rises. Well not Batgirl but ” Barbra Gordon” and that Ellen Page (Inception, JunO) is playing her. This whole thing start when someone on the shh boards said they were on set at took a picture of her trailer. Mutiple sites have chimed in saying it’s compeletely bogus..and well I have to agree the trailer door with the name looks like fake.  I do not think we may see a Barbara Gordon in the film, because we did see a small glimpse of her in The Dark Knight druing the Two-Face confrontation.  However, I doubt she will have a big role if any, and I really doubt she will be played by Ellen Page. Still a cool rumor none the less.

Source: Dark Knight Rises Rumors