Paul Dini Pitched a ‘BTAS’ Reunion Radio Show

Batman: The Animated Series producer Paul Dini once pitched an old-timey Batman radio play starring the BTAS cast.

On Twitter, a fan asked Dini if he would ever consider doing a Justice League radio play. Dini replied that he one time made a pitch for a Batman radio show. The idea was that it was a “lost” radio play from the 1940’s that was “recovered”. Unfortunately, the executives did not go for it.

‘Batman: The Animated Series’ on the Radio

The idea of an old-fashion radio play is actually not that out there of an idea. The 1940’s-era style fits in perfectly with BTAS’ art deco-themed design and motif. Furthermore, the executives shot down the idea due to logistical costs, such as distribution and musical rights. However, given how popular podcasts are nowadays, that seems to be a cheap avenue to distribute the radio play. What do you say, Warner Bros.? This sounds like a winner.

Eric Lee

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