‘Batman: Gotham City Chronicles’ Tabletop Games Gets Kickstarter Trailer and Gameplay Breakdown

Last month, we reported that Monolith was working a Batman tabletop game called Batman: Gotham City Chronicles. Similar to other extremely detailed tabletop games, it would be immersive experience complete with character figures to be launched via Kickstarter support in February 27th.

A couple weeks prior to its Kickstarter launch, Monolith has released its official launch trailer, take a look:

Decent CGI for a game trailer. It’s always jarring to see Batman smirk though. However, this trailer does not explain the gamplay mechanics, which I’m sure you guys wanted to know about. Beasts of War, however, managed to break down both the Adventure mode and Versus mode. They’re longer than your average YouTube video, so if you’re interested in learning how to play this game, make sure you have the time to check these videos out.

For the most part, it’s just as convoluted as any other tabletop game I’ve ever tried to play. Any action must be done using a number of action cubes. Each action is divided among different categories, while the mechanics for the action cubes are set aside between three categories. The game also takes into account each character’s physical attributes and ensures that that some level of real world physics are applied such as size and strength. And there’s a whole other board for villains, which include their own sets of thugs.

I like that there is a great, highly detailed tabletop game for those who enjoy those games, but it’s far too complicated for me. I’ll leave this for those who are smart than I. For those who are, be sure to watch Kickstarter on Wednesday, February 27th at 3PM EST.


Adam Poncharoen​sub

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