‘Justice League’ Soundtrack Available for Streaming Online

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Guys! This is it! The home stretch! Justice League will be here in less than a week! With that, WB is making their final push for marketing. And when you have a legend like Danny Elfman returning to DC after his incredibly iconic score for Tim Burton’s Batman, you make sure you use him in your marketing!

Though they haven’t really pushed him front and center per se, they premiered a track last month that echoed the Batman’s theme from ’89. The track itself was very awesome and very Elfman. Well, on Friday, just a week away from the film’s premiere, WB released the entire Justice League soundtrack to major streaming apps, including Spotify and Google Play Music.

Check it out below:

As with any soundtrack, the titles do give some things away like what is likely an incredibly epic fight scene sequence in a tunnel. Also, the “Amazon Mother Box” confirms that the Amazonians had a mother box in their midst the entire time, but that could have been concluded from the trailers. I personally like the idea there’s a “Hero’s Theme and an “Anti-Hero’s Theme” and am very curious about how they work in the flick.

Overall, from the little I’ve heard from it so far, it’s a very loud orchestral wall of sound that borrows several of his themes from the Batman soundtrack. And Elfman’s style is all over it and I couldn’t be any happier.

Justice League hits theatres this Friday, November 17, 2017.


Adam Poncharoen​sub

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