‘Stranger Things’ Star Tweets About Potential Nightwing Role

Strangers Things star Darce Montgomery took to Twitter to tease the role of Nightwing for Adam McKay’s upcoming live-action movie.

Montgomery tweeted an image of Nightwing from the comics. With no captions or extra hints, fans were led to believe that Montgomery was casted for the lead role. Montgomery has since then deleted the tweet.

Montgomery as Nightwing-Fact or Fiction?

Director McKay quickly clarified Montgomery’s tweet with his own post. McKay debunked any speculation, saying that they have not even begun casting yet for the film.


In a seperate tweet, McKay confirmed that pre-production should start early next year, provided the script is completed by then.

So, what was the purpose of Montgomery’s tweet? If it was not an official casting confirmation, then what is it? Perhaps Montgomery was merely lobbying for the role of Nightwing.

Other actors have attempted similar stunts in the past. This most recent summer, Drake Bell similarly tweeted a picture of Robin’s logo. Additionally, Big Hero 6  actor Ryan Potter tried to reach out to nab the role of Robin in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. Potter even went so far to create his own video to showcase his martial arts prowess. While, Potter did not get casted as Robin-nor even get confirmation that Robin will be in an upcoming movie-he eventually was chosen as Beast Boy in the Teen Titans television series.

Perhaps Montgomery will also have better luck in vying for McKay’s attention to star in Nightwing.


Eric Lee

Eric Lee

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