Pre-Orders for Official ‘Justice League’ Leather Jackets Available Now

With only a few days left before Halloween, and winter right around the corner, you’ve probably noticed more of a chill in the air, depending on where you live. Personally, I live in New England, and the time has come to start thinking of our winter wardrobes.

Thankfully, the fine folks over at Merchoid have partnered with DC to help. They have revealed a brand new lineup of four officially licensed Justice League leather jackets to keep you warm this winter (or to, you know, just look cool).

First up is the Dark Knight Detective himself. Titled “Gotham Outlaw”, this jacket is, of course, black with the bat logo on the back. There is also a DC logo and another mini bat logo on the chest. It has an armored look to it for that Batsuit aesthetic look, as well as a built in grey hoodie and pockets in the front.

The other league member to receive their own jacket is the Flash, titled “Flash Forward”. This jacket features the Flash logo on the back, and has various shades of red to go with the Flash’s costume. It also comes with a built-in grey hoodie with zipped pockets on the front.

Lastly, are his and her Justice League themed jackets, called “Unite the League” (Men) and “Champion of Justice” (Women). Rather than the hoodie look of Gotham Outlaw and Flash Forward, these are aviator style with wool lined collars and elastic cuffs and waist. They come with a JL on the back with a patch and JL logo on the front, as well.

No word if other members of the League will be receiving their own jackets too, but here’s hoping Superman and Wonder Woman get ones in the future, at the very least.

These officially licensed DC jackets are available for pre-order at Merchoid for $174.99. “These jackets are perfect whether you’re just heading out of the Batcave to pick up some groceries or looking to make a splash amongst your friends. These jackets are in a league of their own.”

Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports