‘Teen Titans GO!’ Funko Pop! Features Robin’s Many Identities

The next Teen Titans GO! Funko Pop! wave will boast of two types of Dick Grayson: Nightwing and Red X.

In addition to the regular Nightwing and Red X Pop! figure, there will also be special edition versions of both identities. The Nightwing special variant will also have an infant carrier and the Red X variant figure will have an unmasked edition.

Funko Pops GO!

In one episode of Teen Titans Go!, Beast Boy and Cyborg travel to a future where Robin is not only Nightwing, but also raising a son that he sired with Batgirl. On the flip side of things, Red X was a villainous identity Robin fabricated to infiltrate HIVE.

The Funko Pop! line will also include Mammoth, Starfire as Batgirl, Raven as Legasus (not shown), and Rose Wilson. They will be available in stores in Winter 2017.


Eric Lee

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