Batman Featured in New ‘Justice League’ Concept Art


New concept art from Justice League has made its way online including an absolutely stunning image of Batman.

This artwork shows Batman perched on top of what appears to be the Gotham Police Station talking to Commissioner Gordon. While we have seen Batman and Gordon together in the trailers, we haven’t seen anything quite like this.

Batman concept art from Justice League

More Justice League concept art

Artwork for both The Flash and Cyborg have also appeared online. While The Flash remains very close to the final designs ,you can notice some subtle changes. The most obvious difference is with Cyborg. His appearance has become much more robotic and the tone of his initial concept was much less metallic and shiny compared with his final look.

The Flash concept art from Justice League

Cyborg concept art from Justice League

Justice League will be released November 17th, 2017

Steven Conroy

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