‘Justice League’ Character Posters Surface Online

Justice League is only three months away and no, I can’t wait much longer. As expected, we’re getting more and more marketing material pretty much every week. I wonder how big their final push will be and what it will include.

For the time being, it looks like some character posters have surfaced online featuring our favorite Leaguers posing in front of their respective insignias. The photo surfaced online via a Redditor by the name of Two_Face_Harvey. It looks as if each poster was photographed using a low-quality camera and spliced together for one large photo.

Check it out:

Notice anything different? That’s right, Supes is no longer absent from his future teammates. It’s pretty tough to beat the Alex Ross-inspired poster revealed at Comic-Con, but it works. It’s a very simple concept: Share the team member and their insignia. Each person should be more easily recognizable by the time the flick hits the big screen. However, it’s unfortunately that Cyborg and the Flash have less dynamic poses than the rest. It would have made a lot of sense to show him looking towards the camera, but his body is in side ways running position.

This is likely not going to be the last of the WB marketing train for Justice League. I’m sure we’ll see more works of art later down the road.


Adam Poncharoen​sub

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