New ‘Justice League’ Promotional Material Released

New 'Justice League' Promotional Material Released Dark Knight News

With Wonder Woman making waves all around the world, it was time for Warner Bros. to turn attention to their next entry in the DCEU: Justice League. After an incredible new trailer and poster were shown off recently at San Diego Comic-Con, the excitement for the film amongst the fans grew. Today, there was a whole slew of Justice League promotional material released, including one exclusive new poster. Now, this new poster looks amazing for a start, but it also features something – or, someone – interesting: Superman. Fans can check out the poster in all its glory below!

Justice League Poster

Now most of you eagle-eyed readers probably noticed the film’s villain, Steppenwolf, hanging out in the background of the poster. Not only does this poster (finally) give us a solid look at the entire Justice League united together, it also gives us a better – arguably the best – look at who they will be facing off against.

On top of this incredible new poster, there are a heap of new items up for grabs now, including mugs and canvas prints, all of which can be found here. Below you can check out a short gallery of some of these awesome new items!



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