Marvel’s Kevin Feige Talks Joss Whedon’s ‘Batgirl’

When it was announced quite recently that Joss Whedon would be helming a Batgirl movie for the DCEU, many fans were skeptical. “How can he go from making movies for Marvel to making movies for DC? It just doesn’t fit.” Sadly, I know too many people who have that opinion. Obviously, when this news broke, fans looked to Marvel president Kevin Feige to see what his thoughts were, and funnily enough, he is fully on board.

Just recently, Feige opened the doors of Marvel Studios and took a handful of questions from reporters, so naturally the Whedon-Batgirl issue came up. One of the really cool things is that Whedon actually called the studio once he was asked to take on Batgirl, with Feige saying:

“He called a couple months ago, which he didn’t have to do and was super cool of him and super nice of him. And we couldn’t be more supportive. We want to see a Joss Whedon Batgirl film be awesome.”

So there you have it! I’m not the only one who wants to see Whedon’s Batgirl movie succeed – even Marvel have thrown their support behind it! If anything, this news might help to calm some of the fans who don’t support this creative decision, but also shows that the two studios – or at least Feige and Whedon in particular – support one another on their endeavors. This news comes just after director James Gunn praised the Justice League trailer. If things keep up like this, we may live to see an Avengers vs. Justice League film sometime in the future…we can only hope.

Tyler Harris

Tyler is an actor by day, hermit by night, and musician by requirement. An avid reader and collector, Tyler has had a love for comics since his first exposure to them in the form of Batman: Knightfall as a child. Since that day, most all of his time and money have been split between his three loves: acting, comic books, and lasagna.