‘Batman v Superman’ Batsuit Designer Ironhead Studio at Monsterpalooza

Last year, Ironhead Studio, the folks responsible for the many variations of the Batsuit and Wonder Woman’s costume treated the Internet with some photos taken during their creation. It seems that the studio never received any on-screen credit for their role the creative process. However, the pictures alone prove their brilliance, but their Monsterpalooza booth should convince even further.

Last weekend, Monsterpalooza took place, which is a convention held in California that focuses on the makeup work of horror and monster movies. Ironhead Studio made an impact this year when they brought Ben Affleck’s Batsuit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Tested, a channel started by Mythbuster Adam Savage, managed an interview with Jose Fernandez, the founder of Ironhead Studio. There, you will see the Batfleck Batsuit in all its glory.

Check it out:

Fernandez explains that he’s always looking to make something that’s timeless and considering Batfleck’s suit is possibly the best one yet, I’d say he succeeded. To this day, people remember his work on Tim Burton’s Catwoman. That suit remains iconic, despite the movie’s criticisms. Also, he expresses hope to work on the suit again one day. That indicates to me that he likely did not get to work on Justice League. Either way, he left a lasting impact as his Batsuit was the obvious basis for which WB will continue to build off in their DCEU.

What do you think? Would you like to see Jose Fernandez on another Batsuit?


Adam Poncharoen​sub

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