Deathstroke Co-Creator Marv Wolfman Comments on Joe Manganiello Casting

Deathstroke Co-Creator Marv Wolfman Comments on Joe Manganiello Casting Dark Knight News

Amidst all of the rumors surrounding Ben Affleck’s The Batman lately, one of the most prominent ones was the question of whether or not Joe Manganiello would still be playing Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. Well, no matter where we see him pop up, it seems as though the co-creator of the original character Marv Wolfman is on board with Warner Bros.’ casting decision.

Taking to social media yesterday, Wolfman posted a picture of him sitting next to the one and only Joe Manganiello, with a caption that seemingly confirms Slade’s involvement in the DCEU – at least somewhere anyway. You can check out the original photo below!

Deathstroke was originally created back in 1980 by Wolfman, of course, and George Perez. He made his first appearance in New Teen Titans #2 and has been a fan-favorite ever since. With news of his casting in the DCEU, fans rejoiced, but after that idea was thrown up in the air, we are yet to get a solid confirmation on whether he will still be appearing or not. While Wolfman hasn’t confirmed anything for certain, it seems as though he has given Manganiello his full support, which can go a long way.

Tyler Harris

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