Comedian Jay Baruchel defends ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

The second entry to the DC Extended Universe was released last year to less than stellar reviews. It soon grew to become one of the most polarizing movies in recent years, dividing fans and critics alike. However, actor and comedian Jay Baruchel passionately defends Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in an interview with JoBlo.

While promoting his new film, Goon: Last of the Enforcers, the Tropic Thunder and How To Train Your Dragon star expressed his support to the superhero flick by saying, and quote:

Batman v Superman…Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition is probably the film I’ve seen the most from last year. I’ve watched it about seven times…”

Baruchel further reinforced his support when the interviewer mentioned the “really distinct vision” that director Zack Snyder conceived by saying:

“THANK YOU! This is what I said, even when I saw the theatrical one and didn’t love it. In its weakest moment, it has more choice, style and commitment to it than the best moment in [Captain America:] Civil War. Civil War, I can’t tell you what it’s about or who made it. You watch Batman v Superman you know exactly what it’s about and he f**king committed to a choice and DC always does that.”

He then finished his statement by quoting “I think history’s going to regard that as the world’s most expensive indie film.

Philip Lawrence

Ever since he can remember Philip has been a passionate fan of the Batman mythos. He played all four Arkham games, watched all three Christopher Nolan films and started to obsessively read the comics. Outside of being a writer for Dark Knight News Philip is an aspiring actor, theatremaker, filmmaker and maintains a Youtube channel. He hopes to one day create the comics he loves to read so much.