‘Batman v Superman’ Knightmare Vehicle Concept Art Revealed

The “Knightmare” Scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is certainly an interesting one.  It kind of comes out of nowhere, and we are yet to discover if it’s just a dream or a vision Bruce is having of a possible future where Superman burned everything to the ground.  Hopefully this year’s Justice League can clarify that a little more.

However, as controversial and confusing as this scene can seem to most viewers, it is hard to argue that it is beautifully shot.  Seeing Bruce look over a desert wasteland, with a city in ruins on the horizon, the Omega symbol burned into the ground, and fire shooting to the sky was certainly a sight to behold.

As is the case with every film, concept art is a huge part of realizing these fantastical and made up worlds.  Fans will remember that in this post apocalyptic future (dream?), there were a few vehicles that were militarized and almost looked like they came straight out of Mad Max.  The concept art for these vehicle designs have recently been revealed and you can view them here:

Like I said, hopefully Zack Snyder clarifies what this scene means a little more in Justice League, to put a nice, clean bow on this little Snyder trilogy of the DCEU, so we’re not left guessing and wondering forever.  Batman v Superman is available to own, while Justice League is out November 17th.


Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports