Justice League Unite In Fan-Made Trailer

It has been over half a year since Zack Snyder teased us with the San Diego Comic Con footage of Justice League.  Since then, Warner Bros and Snyder have gone radio silent on when we will be seeing footage next.  With a little over 9 months until the film is released, fans are starting to get impatient on when we will be seeing the first official trailer for the film.

Fans are getting so anxious in fact, that some have decided to make their own trailer for the film.  YouTuber Comic Contemplations decided to take footage from Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash (CW TV Series), Injustice 2, Gods of Egypt, as well as quick shots from a few other sources to give us a trailer.

He even shows us Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who although we haven’t seen or heard anything about, is usually a founding member of the team and is rumored could make an appearance in the film.  After all, the tagline was “Unite the Seven,” and as Ra’s al Ghul once told Bruce, “I counted six, Mr. Wayne.”

Here is the Fan-Made Trailer to whet your appetite as we wait for Mr. Snyder’s official trailer:

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.


Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports