Ben Affleck Visits Fan In Hospital

Ever since Ben Affleck stepped down as director of the solo Batman film, tentatively titled The Batman, fans have been pushing the panic button.  He said the only way he would do it is if they had a great script, he’s upset with the critical bashing of the DCEU films, he “knows” Justice League is going to be bad.  Every rumor and reason to turn this into doom and gloom.

However, let us not forget, he is still slated to star in the film as Bruce Wayne/Batman since he is, well, Bruce Wayne/Batman of this cinematic universe.  He is also one of the writers and producers of the film as well.

Think of how time consuming getting into “Batman” shape is for a film.  Now add on the high expectations of writing a Batman film.  Oh, and you are also producing this film.  And don’t forget, the DCEU is a critical mess and Batman is one of the only unanimous bright spots, so the expectations are even higher.  No wonder he wanted to share some of the load of the project by stepping down as director.  There is only 24 hours in a day after all.

With some of his newfound free time, it seems like Mr. Affleck has been showing his softer side by visiting the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.  Instagram user lala_lisa87 shared a photo with the Boston native, where she was visiting her daughter and he stopped by unannounced, and they were thrilled.  Her caption of the photo reads “We weren’t photo ready but Ben Affleck came to visit us today!  We’re both geeking out! ❤ #batman #benaffleck #dccomics”


What was that quote that Affleck’s Bruce Wayne says in Batman v Superman?  Ah yes, “Men are still good.”

Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports