‘Justice League’ T-Shirt Teases Tagline and New Logo

While we are still getting our Justice League news in slow drips, a new T-shirt photo teases possible marketing concepts. A photo of the film crew’s t-shirt shows off a new, abbreviated logo and a potential tagline for the film.


The line: “They’ve never faced us before. Not us united” could be the new tagline to promote the movie. It is consistent with Justice League’s theme of the importance of being united. It also can be interpreted in interesting ways. Who are “they” in the line? Could it be referring to Darkseid and his minions of Apokolips? Or is it referring to evil in the generic sense?

The new logo should also not be overlooked. It is the condensed version of the previously seen title card of the flick, complete with the star punched in the middle. It slightly resembles the logo from Bruce Timm’s Justice League cartoon series back in the day, only with a pentagon surrounding the letters rather than a circle.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.



Eric Lee

Eric Lee hails from San Francisco, California and has been one of the biggest fans of Batman since he was 2 years old when his dad showed him Tim Burton's 'Batman' on a fuzzy VHS. Currently, Eric is an avid comic book reader and writer and illustrator working on his own graphic novel. You can see his doodles at meeleeart.com.