‘Batman Forever’ Trailer Recut As Crime Thriller

Movies and films are highly interesting and fascinating for a myriad of reasons.  They tell us stories.  They take us on adventures.  They bring us to places and time periods we never thought we’d see.

However, creating a movie is a highly complicated process.  It’s much more than actors pretending to be somebody else and reading lines from a script.  Once the actors have finished their jobs, the movie is created in post-production.  This is where the editing, special effects, and music take what the actors did to create the tone and pacing of the movie.  This is also known as “movie magic.”

Using movie magic, someone has decided to take Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever, and create a trailer for a completely different movie than the one we got.  Using music from Daft Punk’s “The Game Has Changed” from Tron: Legacy, this edit of the film makes it look like a gritty thriller, rather than a campy comic book movie.

By simply recutting what was already filmed, the Riddler came off as a creepy, demented hacker rather than the goofy Jim Carrey playing Jim Carrey but can read minds that we got.  This version of the Riddler actually isn’t too far off from what I was hoping Christopher Nolan would do in his finale of The Dark Knight Trilogy before Bane was announced, and still hoping to see on film one day.

What do you think of this recut of Batman Forever?  Would making it a crime thriller have made it a better movie?  Let us know!


Chris Foti

Lifelong fan of Batman and Boston Sports