Follow The White Rabbit In New ‘Gotham’ Promo!

Follow The White Rabbit In New 'Gotham' Promo! Dark Knight News

The third season for Gotham has certainly been entertaining so far with its relentless storytelling as both the city and the show’s characters are still trying to recover from the events in the season 2 finale. The sixth episode of this new season has been titled “Mad City: Follow The White Rabbit,” which hints toward the mysterious Mad Hatter. It looks like Jim Gordon is in for a rough ride. The episode airs on October 24th. Check out the promo below:

Gotham airs Mondays, on Fox at 8PM EST.

Joshua Howell

Joshua Howell

Joshua Howell has been a fan of the caped crusader since before he could speak. When he's not reading Batman/Detective Comics, Joshua writes his own novels and graphic novels, including The Fierce Are Fading. His work can be found at